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Sin Bins

Sin Bins are temporary dismissals that are usually used across all levels of grassroots football to improve levels of respect and fair play in the game. The Temporary Dismissals or Sin Bis are dismissals from the pitch (usually for a duration of 10 minutes) intended for players committing dissent.

In essence, the Sin Bin is a new match event type, similar to a yellow and a red card. You can find more info on the IFAB Guidelines.

The COMET Competition Settings have been upgraded with Sin Bin functionality, so now you are able to track them in the system. Just as all other match event types, the Sin Bins are accessible from COMET Match features, COMET Football Apps, COMET Data and COMET Live Apps/API.

In order to enable the use of Sin Bins on your COMET tenant, the superuser will first need to turn on the Sin Bins parameter in the Discipline Tab of System Parameters menu (Admin App -> Configuration).

Enable Sin Bins in Competition Settings  

In order to be able to track Sin Bins you need to enable the feature on the competition in which you need to use them.

To enable it:

  • Open your competition

  • Click on the Disciplinary tab

  • Hit the EDIT Button

  • Mark the checkbox next to the Sin Bin field

  • Hit the Save Button

A new Match Event will appear (Sin Bin) and you will be able to add from COMET Football and from COMET Match UI

Adding Sin Bins on a Match

To add a Sin Bin:

  • Open your Match

  • Access the Home or Away club tab to access team lineups.

  • Click on ➕ The Plus Icon button next to the player you want to add to Sin Bin

    • Warning: Sin Bins can only be added to players in the starting lineup or added after the player has been substituted

  • Select Sin Bin as the Event Type

  • Add Minute (+ stoppage time)

  • Add Statement (if applicable)

  • Hit the Save button The added Sin Bin will be indicated with the blue card icon

The added Sin Bin will be indicated with the blue card icon.

Please take into account that Sin Bins can be added and managed from COMET Football App just as all other Match Events

For instructions on how add a Match Events from Mobile Apps, please check the following page:

Sin Bin Restrictions and Tracking

Once the Sin Bins are enabled the following restrictions will apply:

  • A maximum of two dismissals per player in each match can be issued.

  • After the second sin bin:

    • Other Match Events such as goals and cards cannot be added but substitution can be executed

    • Substitutions cannot be executed after the player receives two sin bins and one yellow (same as with Red Card or Second Yellow Card), the player cannot be substituted and cannot take part in the match anymore

Please take into consideration that

  • accumulation of Sin Bins is separated from Yellow Cards

  • two Sin Bin in the same match DO accumulate (unlike Yellow Cards)


Please take into account that you can get the report on your Sin Bins in COMET DATA report ID 34 Match Events (Competition Report). Please make sure that you have selected Sin Bin as the Event Type:

Default Sanctions 

Take into account that Default Sanctions Functionality in Admin App has been updated with Sin Bins as the new Match Event/Tab.

Now, you can include Sin Bins in your default configuration and specify the severity and combination of sanctions for any sin bin, yellow card, or red card issued to players or to team officials on the bench.

Sin Bins in COMET Live

Please take into account that added commentaries will be displayed in COMET Live Mobile Apps on Match Timeline, Lineups, Competition Stats per Team/Total, and Player Matches.

 Sin Bins trigger push notifications to COMET Live users, in the same way as Yellow Cards.


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