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Status of Person

Once the COMET Person Profile is created it is automatically set to status ACTIVE (this is the case with all COMET entities).

The general rule of the COMET System is that COMET Person Profiles are not deleted as every person has certain data linked to his/ hers profile (participated in the matches, attended seminars, was a competition manager, etc) and as such, every person is a part of your football history and should remain in the COMET System.

You can prevent the person to be involved in all registration-related COMET activities simply by terminating hers/his registration(s).

Deactivate Person

In case the person has passed away hers/ his profile needs to be set to the status INACTIVE (DIED).

To deactivate COMET Person Profile:

  • Open the COMET Person Profile

  • Hit the Edit button

  • Hit the Save as INACTIVE (DIED) button

  • The Change Status dialog will be displayed

  • Enter the reason/ description

  • Hit the Yes Button

Date Deceased

Once the COMET Person profile is set to status INACTIVE (DIED) the field for entering the date of death (deceased) will be displayed next to the Date of Birth Field.

To set the Person's Date Deceased:

  • Open the COMET Person Profile

  • Hit the Edit button

  • Make sure the status of the profile is INACTIVE (DIED)

  • Enter the Date of the Deceased in the respective field

  • Hit the 💾 Save button

Please take into account that Date Deceased Column was added COMET DATA Person Reports.

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