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Create Person

A new COMET Person Profile is entered when the person is being registered for any role in the system for the first time. E.g. when creating a First Player Registration, a Person record will be created in the system, and that Person profile will be used for that First Registration and all future roles/registrations of that individual.

Below are the most common instances of first registration of a Person in the system:

(info) Before creating a new First Registration, we recommend that you check whether that Person already exists in the system, in order to avoid duplicates. You cando a search through the main Search Console.

💡 Anyway, the system will send a warning message and notify you if you enter the data of the person that is already in the system → In case a person with the same National ID or Name+Date of Birth already exists in the system you will be prompted whether you want to proceed with the creation of a new profile or you want to open an existing profile and a new registration to it.

The COMET Person profile is created only once for an individual, and any new registrations are added to the existing Person profile.

Create Person Profile

  • Depending on the registration that the new COMET person is going to have (coach, official, referee, etc.) → Hit the Consoles for the First Registration under the relevant menu

  • Fill out the obligatory data → Obligatory fields are defined on the tenant level but in most cases these are:

    • Name/ Surname

    • Gender

    • National ID

    • DOB

    • Nationality

    • Address

    • Email

    • Country of birth

  • Fill out the mandatory data on the first Registration tab → Obligatory fields differ per registration type, but in most cases these are:

    • Organization

    • Registration Type

    • Date from

    • Date to

  • Once you have filled in all mandatory details, hit 💾 the Save button to create the person and their first registration in the system.

The status of the new COMET Person Profile is set to ACTIVE

The initial status of new registration is usually set to ENTERED. If it is a Club Registration (Player, Coach) This new registration should be then submitted by the club , and then approved by the governing body.

Person Profile Tabs

ℹ️ The COMET Person Profiles tabs vary depending on the view of the Person registration:

For example, if you select “Player View” from the drop-down in the upper left corner of the COMET Profile screen the following tabs will be displayed:

  • Active registrations

  • Active contracts

  • National team

  • Contacts

  • Additional info

  • History

  • Matches

  • Sanctions

In the sections that follow please read the instructions:

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