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First Registration

The first registration is used only when a player is entered into the system for the first time, whether he/she is a beginner who recently joined a local youth club or a player just recruited from abroad.

To be certain that a player requires the First registration, you may wish to search for existing players before beginning your data entry.

The figure above shows the form for entering the first registration and the menu item on the left.

If the Player’s Club category is already defined, the system automatically copies this value from the Club profile to the Category field on the New Player form.

  1. After filling out the form above:

  • Hit 💾 the Save button to create the person and their first registration in the system.

  • The initial status of new registration is set to "ENTERED".

2. Upload all required documents. Some Documents may be related to the person, such as their Photo, copy of some Identification document, birth certificate, proof of nationality, etc. Other documents, such as a completed registration form, medical report, and contract copy, may be required for a specific registration.

💡 The list of required documents will depend on the rules of your federation.

3. Once all necessary documents have been entered, the Club Administrator reviews all the data and uploaded documents and proceeds with the registration submission.

To submit the registration:

  • Press the Edit button

  • Then, choose Save as SUBMITTED.

  • A new window for the entry of the reason for the status change opens automatically.

  • Enter the reason, and confirm your submission.


From this moment on, the registration is set to SUBMITTED and needs to be reviewed by the governing body (e.g., Player Administrator). In the case of the Submit Without Approval workflow, no review is required, and the registration is automatically CONFIRMED.

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