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As a club user, you are able to access the Club Store, and purchase items such as yearly membership, training equipment, club merchandise, donation, etc.

Access the Store

  • On the left nav-bar select  🛒 Store menu

  • The list of all active items will be displayed with the indication of the item price

  • Hit the (info) Info icon button on the bottom left side of the item window to open an item page with more details and pricing specification

  • Hit the 🛒 Cart icon button on the bottom left side of the item window to add the item to the cart

    • In case you want to reverse this action from this menu (not from the cart) just click on the Crossed cart icon button and the item will be removed

Assigned Items

Please take into account that Admins are able to assign a specific item to you, requesting from you to purchase it. This item will be listed in the special section on the top of the Store page.

Items Survey

Please take into account that authorized user may assign define Item Surveys for specific items, i.e. the form /set of questions that need to be submitted prior to purchasing an item.

In case the item you are buying has a survey assigned a dialog for completing the survey will pop up upon a click on the Add to Cart icon → Complete the survey and hit Add to Cart button.

💡 Please note that you will be able to edit Survey on the Checkout page.

Purchase Items

Once you have added the items from the store to the cart you are able to proceed with your purchase.

  • Hit the 🛒 Cart icon button on the right side of the toolbar

  • This will open 🛒 the Cart Summary left-side dialog with the cart content

  • Review the cart items (hit the bin con button to remove the item if necessary)

  • Hit the → Checkout button to proceed with the payment

  • This will open the Checkout menu with the following information:

    • Order details

    • Items

    • Payment options

  • Choose a payment option (e.g. Manual, Quick Pay, Stripe..)

  • Hit the Place order button

Manual Payment

In case you have selected manual as the payment type you will receive a message that the order has been placed but the payment has to be confirmed by Admin manually as an official confirmation that the organization has received the manual payment.

From this page, you can hit the View orders details button to review to details of the placed order r to proceed with the non-manual payment option (if you have changed your mind).

Online Payment

In case you have selected Quick Pay or Stripe (or another online option) as the payment type:

  • You will be redirected to the Payment Gateway (in the case of Quick Pay)

    • On the Payment Gateway page, you will be able to pay by credit card by entering your credit card details or to chose PayPal as the option

  • Your Stripe dialog menu will open for you to enter the card details for the payment

✅ After the purchase is conducted in the external gateway you will be able to fetch the Order details with the indication that the item has been paid

Please take into account that all your orders will be displayed in My Orders Menu

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