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Item Surveys

Course and Competition Administrators are able to define Item Surveys, i.e. the form /set of questions that need to be submitted by course/ competition applicants prior to purchasing an item. The role of the responsible person is to review the item survey and confirm the participant’s payment and status on the course/ competition.

If Pay after approval, Just Pay, or Pay Later is selected as the Application Mode when creating a new course or new competition, Item surveys can be assigned to the item and the Survey tab will be displayed on the Item profile.

ℹ️ The created Item Survey will be displayed to the applicants on the Courses profile when purchasing the course item/ adding item to the chart

ℹ️ The survey results are visible to administrators on the Order details page which is accessible from the Order menu and Participant/ Club profile (participant profiles are reachable from the Participants Tab on the Course profile/ Club profiles are reachable from the Clubs Tab on the Competition profile ).


Create Item Survey

In order to create an Application Survey you need to create questions via the Item Surveys Menu.

Questions can be linked to thematic, logical groups that help you to organize the outlook of your survey. Created questions and question groups can be used in Survey Templates; templates are forms of questions and question groups that are stored in the system and reused on different courses.

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