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Team Lineups

At the top of the match screen, tap either the “Home” or “Away” tab, depending on for which team you are entering lineups.

To create or edit the team lineup, tap Add next to Starting lineup, Substitutes or Team Officials.

Starting Lineup

You will then see a list of your Available players. Tap the green plus (+) button to add a player to the Starting lineup.

When adding a player to the lineup, you'll have the option to mark a player as a Goalkeeper (GK), Captain (CP), or to simply indicate that the player is added to the Starting Lineup (SL)

or that the player entered the game (PL) if flying substitutions are allowed for this competition.

All options applicable to the player should be highlighted in blue. Once you have selected all the players for the starting lineup, tap the blue checkmark to save the line-up.


Return to the team tab, and tap Add next to Substitutions. Repeat the same process for adding the substitutes.

Editing Lineups

If you need to edit the lineup by removing the players from the list or simply updating their shirt number, tap the Edit button

…swipe left to Lineup

…and tap on the player’s name.

You’ll now have the option to edit his/her status on the match. ✅

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