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Transfer Details

About Transfer Details

If the system recognizes that the current registration of a player is the result of a player transfer, then the Transfer details option appears on the list of Options specific to that particular registration.

The transfer details option is initially accessible to the Superuser role of any national or regional association. Any other users of your affiliated organizations who should be authorized to view or modify this information will require an additional new role of Transfer Administrator. (This role has already been added with the appropriate authorizations. Superuser will have the ability to add it to any existing user profile.)

COMET will automatically send all required information to FIFA as soon as any new Domestic transfer with Payment information has been fully processed, on more simply put, as soon as the new registration with the added Transfer Details is set to the status CONFIRMED.

Please note that DTD message includes a required data point with Contract End Date (referring to the contract of the player with the his new club). Message will NOT be sent successfully if this information is missing. Therefore, you will be required to enter Player contract information as well.

Please take into consideration that the information is sent to FIFA at the moment when the registration status is set to CONFIRMED, i.e. status change triggers the message.

In case you enter Transfer details after the registration is set to status CONFIRMED no automatic message will be set to FIFA.

(grey lightbulb) Planned payments details are entered and sent to FIFA when the registration is created and confirmed.

(grey lightbulb) Realized payment details are entered periodically, with each actual payment received. FIFA requires that users provide/upload a Proof of payment, as well as payment details. This information is also sent to FIFA, as per their regulations, as soon as each payment is entered and confirmed.

To open transfer details.

  • Go to the registration tab on player’s profile

  • Click the Options button > Transfer details

Transfer Details Dialog Box

The Transfer details dialog box pops up for viewing/entering this information. Clicking the Transfer details option (see the image above) allows authorized persons:

The system sets both the releasing club (the club of origin) and the engaging club (destination club) of a transfer automatically but allows the end-user to select a different releasing club if needed.

(lightbulb) The list contains only clubs that appear in player’s history in the COMET system.

Transfer Agreement

The pop-up Transfer details dialog box allows you to add and view the transfer agreement.

To add the Transfer agreement:

  • Click the 📁 Transfer agreement button on the Transfer details screen

  • Clicking this button opens another window for document upload

  • Click on ➕ Transfer agreement and select the file from your local or network file storage

  • As always, an uploaded file can be previewed and/or downloaded from this same “documents” window, as long as the user has permission to those actions

To view the Transfer agreement:

  • Click the Options button > Transfer details

  • Click the 📁 Transfer agreement button on the Transfer details screen

  • Click either the download button (with the disc icon) or preview button (with the magnifying glass icon)

According to FIFA regulations, all Member associations are required to provide transfer details about each Domestic transfer with payment information as specified in the transfer agreement. This requirement will not apply to each domestic transfer, only a smaller percentage. However, for each one of these transfers with specified payments, users are required to enter payment amounts and planned installments at the moment the transfer is being processed (and before the new registration is confirmed).

Payment Details

For the transfers which include a Transfer agreement, which specified payment information, users are required to enter all Planned payments details:

  • Click the Transfer details option

  • Review that the information about the Releasing club and Engaging club is correct

  • Select the currency that should apply to all added amounts

  • Chose the tab Planned payments (transfer declaration)

  • Click the + Add payment details button

  • This action adds a new row in the Payments list

  • The user needs to choose a payment type and the amount or percentage, as expected.

(info) The list of transfer payment types is created based on the definitions available in FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players.

  • Click the + Installment button to add one or more installments.

  • Installment details are expected for most payment types, and each installment must have a payment date:

    • Fixed transfer fee

    • Conditional transfer fee

    • Release (buy-out) fee

    • Sell-on fee

(info) Sell-on fee is the only payment type that expects percentage and not amounts and as such does not expect the definition of installments.

(info) Required fields are highlighted in red with a notification message and there is several validations in place which ensure that:

▶ the value type is unique (it’s not possible to add more than one entry of the same type)

▶ the sum of installment amounts is equal to the total amount specified in the payment detail
amounts are positive numbers
▶ percentages are between 0-100

  • Once all payment details are inserted, save the changes by clicking 💾 the Save button

All the information provided on the list of Planned payments will be sent to FIFA via the FIFA Connect communication channel as a part of the Transfer declaration message. This message is automatically sent from COMET as soon as the new registration is Confirmed.

Realized Payment Details

All the information initially provided and send to FIFA will be used to register a transfer with TMS platform and to store the planned payment information that was defined in the Transfer agreement. None of this information will trigger any reward payments just yet. This only happens once an actual payment has been made from Club A to Club B, or better yet, once a club can show proof that a financial transaction has been executed and funds have been received by the recipient.

For each realized payment, users are required to add payment details and upload a proof of payment, then click the button to confirm this information and trigger a new message to FIFA.

The system allows you to add Realized payment details in the following manner:

  • Click the Transfer details option

  • Choose the Realized payments (+ proof of payment) tab

  • Click the + Add payment details button

  • Fill out the payment details, as presented on screen (see below more info on Payee options)

(lightbulb) Please note that this Tab allows you to upload to proof of payment document

  • Click on the 📁 File icon button on the right side of the installment

  • Click on this icon opens a pop-up window for the document upload

  • Click the ➕ Proof of payment to upload the file from your local or network storage

  • Once all payment details are inserted, save the changes by hitting 💾 the Save button

☑ If everything is set-up correctly, click the button to Confirm the realized payment details and this will automatically trigger a message to FIFA for purposes of the FIFA Clearing House.

Payee Type Toggle

For each realized payment, it is important to show who was the payment recipient (= payee). The initial assumption is that the payment recipient is the Releasing club, and user can search for the club by organization ID or name, as the text in the field suggests. However, if some other entity (person or organization) is the recipient of this payment, the system allows you to toggle between 4 different options:

  • organization from the limited list of options (clubs where the player had registration in the same sport)

  • organization from the unlimited list of all options

  • a person from the limited list of options (player)

  • a person from the unlimited list of options

Only authorized users will be able to toggle the payee type with an unlimited list of options.

Other important features to keep in mind. A copy of the transfer agreement can be and should be uploaded in the Documents section on this screen. As each payment installment is made by the Engaging club, an authorized user will be asked to mark each installment as paid, and can also upload a Proof of payment document at this point. This information will be sent to FIFA for purposes of FIFA Clearing House and the distribution of Training compensation and Solidarity contributions funds to the appropriate clubs.

Note: The transfer details feature is visually represented with a handshake icon. The icon is crossed if no information is entered. The same visual aid will also be displayed in the History tab and on the “National transfers” console (for those tenants that use this option).

The specific instructions about the process of collecting and entering this data in the COMET system will be provided by each FIFA Member Association to their own affiliated clubs.

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