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Live Match Commentaries

In order to encourage live, real-time match management we have recently launched a new Match Management feature called Live Match Commentaries. From now on, in addition to official match events such as goals and bookings, you are able to add the Match Commentaries to your match timeline. These commentaries can be in form of the text, an image, or a video/ link.

The purpose of textual comments is to provide public users with additional interesting information about the events on a specific match, such as current attacking or possession momentum, unofficial events such as good chances, free kicks, and anything else that may be interesting or informative for the public audience.

Beyond standard textual comments, COMET allows you to also provide match-related images and links to other apps and websites, such as video highlights on YouTube or other streaming platforms.

Please take into account that Match Commentaries are available and managed from MyCOMET and COMET Football App:

For instructions on how add a Match Commentary from Mobile Apps, please check the following page: Match Commentaries

Live Match Commentaries in MyCOMET

  • The Live Match Commentaries are accessible via the MyComet App (link available in the COMET system)

  • A click on the profile icon in the upper right corner will display the access buttons to COMET apps and platforms including 🖥️ MyComet

  • A single click on the button will open a MyComet App in the new tab

  • Click on the (blue star) Matches Menu on the left nav-bar

Matches List

  • The list of all Matches of your Club is displayed with two tabs Next/ Previous

  • The list consists of the following details:

    • Date/ Time

    • Stadium

    • Competition Name and Competition ID

    • Round

    • Match (with the indication of the results)

    • Status

  • A single click on the match from the list will open a Match Menu that consists of two tabs Forms and Live

Match Menu and Live Commentaries Lists

  • Hit the Live Tab to inspect the list of Live Commentaries

  • The list consists of the following details:

    • ID

    • Commentary Type

    • Commentary Occurance

    • Minute

    • Stoppage time

    • Commentary

    • Link

    • Image

  • A single click on the Match Commentary from the list will open a commentary record which can be edited or deleted

  • In case you need to edit the record, enter the necessary changes and hit the Save button

  • In case you need to delete the Commentary record hit the Bin icon button at the right bottom corner of the window

Adding Live Commentaries

You can add the Match Commentaries to your match timeline. These commentaries can be in form of the text, an image, or a video (embedded youtube link for the commentary).

Images can be uploaded from your device storage (e.g. Photo Library) or camera. Links are most commonly used for videos/highlights and can be either standard web links or deep-link to other apps.

To Add Live Commentaries:

  • Open the Match from the Match List in MyCOMET

  • Access the Live tab

  • Click on the Add button in the top right corner to create add a new Live Commentary

  • This opens a Commentary dialog to fill in the details:

    • Commentary Type, choose between:

      • Text

      • Image

      • Link

    • Commentary occurrence, choose between::

      • During the match

      • Before the match

      • During the break

      • After the match

    • Minute/ Stoppage Time (in case commentary is entered for the time during the match)

    • Text of the Commentary

    • In case the image is selected as the type you will be able to select the source of your photo

      • Take a photo → redirects you to the camera

      • Browse → opens the files on your device to search for

        • (grey lightbulb) Once the image is selected you edit it directly on this dialog

    • In case the link is selected as the type, you will need to insert the link of the video which will be displayed

    • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

COMET Live and Commentaries

Please take into account that added commentaries will be displayed in COMET Live Mobile Apps (if enabled).
To see Live Match Commentaries make sure that you have enabled the Commentaries Switch Button in Your Live App:

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