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Match Forms

Match Forms are used to collect (and later analyze) any data on the match day, either from the clubs, or from any allocated match official.

Match Forms are customized role-specific match reports, that can be fully managed by the tenant-level Superuser via the COMET Administration app. Match Forms will be applied to reports such as Delegate Report, Media Officer Report, Security Officer Report and other similar reports that are prone to changes or different requirements based on competition level or the association that is organizing the competition. In some cases, new reporting requirements are introduced, new versions of the reports are required, or only minor modifications of the existing forms.

Any level of changes mentioned above, is fully supported by this new functionality in COMET, and more importantly, it offers the following key improvements:

  • fully managed via COMET Administration app

  • capable of “remembering” the version of the report that was used at the moment when it was filled

  • available for input by match officials via COMET Mobile apps or via the COMET Web interface

  • reporting is immediately available via COMET Data reports (for authorized users)

In order to be able to cover all scenarios that you might request we have upgraded the COMET Admin App with the configuration features that enables COMET Superusers to create any match form. In other words, from the Match Forms menu in the Admin app, you are able to create and alter any match form on your own. This means you are the one who creates and defines questions, assigns the match form to the specific competition type (if not applicable to all competitions), and sets the restrictions/authorizations for user roles.

In order to access the Match Forms menu:

  • access the Admin App:

  • Select General → Match Forms on the left nav-bar and expand the section

    • Forms

    • Questions

    • Groups

    • Templates

Before we get into more details, let’s review the basic concepts.

The configuration of Match Forms will be done entirely via the Admin app. Each Match Form consists of a list of Questions, which can be grouped under separate sections or Groups. Groups are not required, but in some cases help organize or present the questions in thematic, logical sub-sections.

Created questions and question groups can be used to build Match Form Templates. Templates are versions of match forms with a specific list of questions and question groups that are stored in the system and can be (re)used to create new Match Forms. Templates are not required, but in some cases use of templates help create multiple similar versions of the same form.

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