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Match Lineups and Events

Before during and after the Match, all official match data that is entered in COMET can be accessed by public users via the COMET LIVE apps:

  • Starting Lineups, Substitute Players, Coaches and Team Officials

  • Chronological Timeline of Match Events: Goals, Cards, Substitutions, Start-End Times of Halftimes, etc.

  • Additional Match Info such as Referees and Officials, Stadium, Attendance, Team Kits, etc.

Lineups are usually entered and confirmed by Clubs prior to the match, either using the COMET UI Submit Team Lineups or COMET Football Apps: Team Lineups

Match Events are usually entered unofficially during the match by an official or home club, either using the COMET UI: Enter Match Events or COMET Football Apps: Match Events

Entry of a Match Event triggers an immediate push notification to all COMET LIVE app users that have subscribed either to that match, or to the competition of that match, or to any of the two clubs/teams participating in that match, or to any of the players that are added to the lineups of that match.

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