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Managing your Workspace

COMET PLAY organization and collaboration activities are organized along Workspaces. Every Club using COMET PLAY has its own Workspace. As a Workspace Admin you are responsible for the organization and management of your Workspace.

COMET PLAY  allows you to manage all activities and operations of your club, such as:

  • inviting members to join, managing member profiles, communicating with members;

  • scheduling training and other events, and notifying members about the schedules;

  • tracking member participation and attendance at training and other events;

  • carrying out various types of measurements of their members, such as performance measurements on training;

  • sending out surveys to collect feedback from members

  • providing items for sale to their members and collecting payments online

  • communicating with your members via in-app instant messaging and announcements

In this section please check the instructions for:

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