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Create a New Club

Superusers of the National Association and Administrator of Clubs in National/ Regional associations are the roles within the COMET system that are in charge of adding, changing or deleting club data records.

(lightbulb) Prior to creating a new club, we recommend you to check if that club is already in the system. For that, you can use the Search clubs console.

To create a New Club:

  • Select the menu item New Club under the Club menu on the left nav-bar

  • The system opens a blank form for the user to fill the mandatory fields

  • Fill all mandatory fields marked in red:

    • National ID

    • Short name

    • Organization

    • Type

    • Stadium* (grey lightbulb)

    • Contact details (place, region, country)

  • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

✅ The new Club is successfully stored in the system

Rank represents the level of a club in national context. For example, in most national associations, if a club has Rank 1 then it means its senior team plays in the top national division.

(info) Besides the main Contacts tab, there are also tabs that you can fill with relevant details:

  • Teams

  • Players

  • Coaches and staff

  • Officials (president, secretary, contact person)

  • Club kits

  • Matches

  • Custom attributes

  • Clubs additional info

(grey lightbulb) Please note that every Club registered in the system can have a default Stadium connected.

  • The click on the 🔎 magnifying glass button next to the Stadium field opens the list of Stadiums that are already stored in the system.

  • Search the list by using the preferred search criteria and choose the stadium

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