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Grassroots and Mini Football Adjustment

Improvements were made to meet the propositions of specific Grassroots and Mini Football Competitions. We have optimized the process of managing the matches with no results entered and added the functionality for more user-friendly entry of lineups for grassroots/mini-football.

Certain competitions especially the ones at the youngest and more informal levels are defined as non-competitive and the results are not recorded in the COMET System. Therefore we have upgraded the match status transition action so that the 0:0 result is forced automatically in case there is no score added.

Moreover, as there are certain “informal” competitions in which goalkeepers and captain are not defined (all players rotate in goals and there is no captain), we have added the possibility to set the “Goalkeeper not required” and “Captain not required” options on your competition setting.

Force 0-0

In case there is no result entered on the match, you are able to set it to status PLAYED without entering 0:0 result manually, i.e. if there is no result entered the system will force the 0:0 result when the match is set to PLAYED. You are able to set the match without the result to status PLAYED from Match Screen or Search Matches Console.

Match Screen

  • Open the match in which results/ goals were not tracked

  • Hit the Save as PLAYED button

  • The match will be set to status PLAYED and 0-0 will be displayed

Search Matches Console

  • Select the menu item 🔍 Search Matches under the Competitions menu on the left nav-bar

  • A screen similar to the New match form will appear on the screen with the fields for filtering

  • Enter the search criteria in the respective fields

  • Select “no” in the dropdown of the Score entered field to filter the matches that do not have a result entered

  • Hit the Edit button

  • Set the Current status, Next status (to PLAYED) and add the Reson

  • Hit the ✔️ Change status button

  • The matches will be set to status PLAYED with a 0-0 result

GK/Captain Not Required

In case Goalkeeper and Captain should not be mandatory to set your match lineup:

  • Open your competition

  • Click on the Lineups tab

  • Hit the EDIT Button

  • Mark the checkbox next to the fields:

    • Goalkeeper not required

    • Captain not required

  • Hit the Save Button

These settings are copied from parent to child competitions, but later can be changed on child competitions.These settings are by default not set (they are turned OFF)

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