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Managing Assessments

Once an Assessment is created and assigned to a specific course it can be edited, altered, and tracked on the course profile. To manage an Assessment:

  • Open the Course screen and access the Assessments tab

  • Click on the Assessment from the list that needs to be managed

  • This opens an Assessments window with the following tab for Assessment item administration

Details Tab

On the Details tab, you can update the general data:

  • Name

  • Assessments Template

  • Assessments Visibility - select the level of results visibility/authorizations for Course Participants:

    • Participants cannot see any results - NOTHING

    • Participants can see only their results (default, recommended) - THEMSELVES

    • Participants can see everybody's results - ALL

▶️ Hit the Edit button to make changes to the Items details

▶️ Once you have entered all the changes press 💾 the Save button

Participants Tab

All Course Participants in status CONFIRMED are automatically displayed on the Participants tab. However, Course Admins can delete the participants from the list if needed. To delete the participant:

  • Click on the participant from the list. It will expand the participant details in the panel at the top of the tab

  • Hit the Delete button to remove the participant from the particular assessment


Questions Tab

On the Question tab, you can review the Assessment questions or add a new question. These questions are used to manage and record the Course Assessments.

  • Click on the Add button to add a new Question to the Course Assessments

  • This opens a question form where you can Select a question for the dropdown * and, optionally, Select group to which that question belongs

  • Click on 💾 the Save button to save changes

  • In order to edit an existing question, click on the arrow next to the question from the list in the Question panel

  • This action opens a question form with the entries to fill/edit the following data fields:

    • Question - * needs to be chosen from the system. Please take into account that all questions need to be defined in the Assessment module

    • Position - define the position of the question in the survey form by entering the number input

    • Template group - select the template group if the group is defined in the Assessment module

    • Instructions

    • Display type

    • Show label Switch

    • Mandatory Switch - switch on this button if the results of the question are obligatory field

    • Active/Inactive Switch - inactive questions won't be displayed on the item assessments result form

  • Once you have entered all the changes press 💾 the Save button

Results Tab

On the Question tab, you can record and track the assessment results for the course participants. Predefined Unit Values are to be entered in the results table. The results table is a matrix consisting of the participant name and the assessment question.

  • A click on the orientation button switches the values in rows and columns

  • Click on the table icon button in the top right corner enables the matrix entry of the question results

  • Click on the ➕ icon button opens a pop-up dialog for a single results entry

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