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Mobile Match Forms

With the launch of our brand new Match Forms engine, Comet Football apps (both Android and iOS version) allow match officials to complete and submit their individual match forms for a specific match they are assigned.

In fact, the new technology used for developing Match forms is selected with mobile apps in mind, and users will be thrilled with the convenience and ease of use it provides.

Here are the steps required to access, to fill out, submit and even export a PDF of the completed Match Form from your mobile device:

  • Open the Match

  • Click the Forms tab to open the match form you need to fill in

  • On the Match form tab, the list of the forms assigned to the competition will be listed

  • Click on the Form you need to fill in

  • Hit the Edit button in the top right corner

  • Fill in the details/ answer the questions

  • Please take into account that if there is a group of questions that is marked as “multiple occurrence” You will have the option to automate your answers and repeat some group answers multiple times → to repeat the same answer please hit the :copy: Copy icon button at the top-right corner of the screen

  • Hit the Save button in the top right corner

  • To confirm the report hit the SET TO CONFIRMED button at the bottom of the screen

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