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PDF Version of Reports

Authorized users can also open the Match Report and the Summary Report in PDF format on their mobile devices.

To open the Match Report or Summary Report, hit the :PDF: PDF icon at the top right of the Info screen. This opens a menu where you can select to open a Match report or a Summary Match Report. After selecting a report, the PDF version of it will open automatically.


To generate the PDF of a Match Form, once the Form is CONFIRMED, go to the Forms tab, select a Match form, and click on the PDF icon button in the top right corner of the Match Form.

The generated PDF can be saved on the mobile device, sent to a connected printer, or shared with any other app (e.g., WhatsApp, Gmail) installed on the mobile device that supports sharing PDF files.

Please note that the content of the Summary match report you generated fully depends on your authorizations and role in the match. For more, please refer to: Match Form | Summary-Match-Report.

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