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My Applications

Licensing Club Responsible/ Applicant Club in COMET is responsible for administrating Applications (e.g. answer all the questions and submitting categories)

In order to access and edit My (license) applications:

  • Open the License Application module and select My (license) applications:

  • This opens a list of Applications created by Licensing Admin

  • Open the Application type you need to answer and submit categories

  • Click on the Edit button to edit the application/ answer the question

  • Below the edit button, you can navigate through the tabs of the application by clicking on them

  • To open the panel/ category click on it

  • Click on the ➕ plus icon button expands the panels

  • Answer all the questions

  • Submit necessary categories by clicking on the Save as SUBMITTED

  • Hit the 💾 Save button to save changes

✅ The first status of the application is set to SUBMITTED

After the status of the application is set to SUBMITTED/ IN PROGRESS, it is the responsibility of the Licensing Admin to conduct further steps. The New application can be found in My Applications and the Licensing Admin needs to review the application.

In this section check:

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