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View and Edit Player

Clicking on a Player in the data list showing your search results will bring up all the player profile, with all the details about that player and his/her registrations (see example below).

▶ There is a fair amount of detail potentially available for any one person in Comet, so the information is distributed over several tabs.

▶ Notice the typical layout of the information: the top section displays basic personal details, whereas all other information is added below across multiple tabs, including the player’s active registrations, active contracts, contact details, etc.

▶ In a recent update, we have added some valuable information in each registration frame, for any players that may have been signed up for specific competitions:Registration Competitions

Edit Player

By clicking on the Edit button, the fields on the form become editable and you can change or add information about the chosen player.

▶ Usually, during the first registration process, the user fills out only the required information. At some point, it may become necessary to modify existing data or add more information.

You can use the fields provided on the Contacts tab (see above), Additional Information tab (see below) and Custom attributes tab.

Additional information tab keeps among others, the following important data about the player: additional personal documents, additional nationality, position on the field, privacy option (important for COMET LIVE Apps and API)

Player Position

Players' position (such as: Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forward, etc) is usually defined when entering the player’s first registration but can be edited at any point.

If you need to change the position of a player, once the first registration has already been created:

  • Click the Additional Information tab

  • Click the button with the pencil icon

  • Select from the drop-down list a new desired position (new type)

  • Insert a date "from"

  • Press the 💾 Save button

The information on the tab labeled “Custom attributes” varies from country to country and the administrator is responsible for creating the custom fields that you need to enter.

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