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Updating User Information

To Manage your Account Settings:

  • Click your name button in the upper right corner of the COMET PLAY Toolbar, in order to open the User Menu

  • Hit the Account Settings button

  • The Accounts Setting menu is displayed, the menu consists of the following tabs:

    • My Account tab - contains General info, DOB, and User photo. All data in this tab (except the e-mail address) can be edited:

      • Hit the Edit button at bottom of the page

      • Hit the Save button to save your changes

    • Linked Accounts tab - lists all accounts that are connected to your Profile. In this tab, you will be able to see all of the profiles that are linked to your profile in parent/guardian and child relations:

      • A click on the linked account from the list will open a linked account pop-up window to edit linked account details and to deactivate the account (if applicable)

      • Hit the three dots button next to the linked account to change the password (if applicable) or to (un)link the account

    • Pending requests tab - lists all of the requests that you have submitted for linking accounts.

    • Preferences tab - contains general settings of your preferences: region and timezone, language and theme settings

      • Use this tab to define the theme color of COMET PLAY according to your preferences → Changes are applied automatically

      • Change the system language and hit the Save button

      • Change the Region and timezone and hit the Save button

    • Security tab - provides the possibility to control COMET PLAY security features:

      • Integrate calendars - You can set a new token and make the current one invalid, this option is relevant for users that sync their COMET calendar with their personal calendar (e.g. Google Calendars or Outlook)

      • Request password update

      • Request Two-factor authentication

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