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Appoint Match Officials

You can appoint team officials to each match individually by:

  • accessing the individual match and clicking on Edit

  • clicking the button with the search symbol next to the "Referee", "1st assistant referee", "2nd assistant referee", "Fourth official", "Delegate" and "Referee observer" fields.

  • After that, the system generates lists from which you can choose the adequate person. Every change is stored in the system after clicking the "Save" button.

You can also appoint Match Officials to multiple matches at once in a matrix view using the Search matches console:

  • Select Competitions> 🔎 Search matches on the left nav-bar

  • The screen similar to the New match from will appear on the screen with the list of all filters

  • Once you select all the necessary filters hit 🔎 the Search button

  • Once the list with the result of the search appears click 🔧 the Edit button above the table. 

According to the user's role, one will be able to edit certain matches, appoint referees or match officials. This functionality is useful if you need to assign Match Officials for more Matches as you do not have to open a match by match and to assign an official by official on respective match forms.

On this console, you can now appoint all the referees and match officials depending on the configuration of your tenant.

In this case, the Referee Administrator and Administrator of Match Officials will have the same permissions which they have on the match level:

▶ The Referee Administrator will appoint Referees (green box)

▶ The Administrator of Match Officials will appoint the remaining match officials (yellow box).

(info) Please note that that you can tick the box in order to get the information about officials that are Unavailable/ Assigned on the same day:

If you need to change status of more than one match at the same time:

  • Press the edit button

  • Select the current and next status to update all matches on the list

This is most commonly used when changing the status from ENTERED to SCHEDULED, so that appointment notification and publication for all relevant matches happens at the same point in time.

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