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Referee Confirmation Workflow

There is a workflow that allows referees to respond to their appointments to the match

🚦There is a circle next to each match official which tells the status of the person in the match:

:orange_circle: Orange color represents the PENDING status  of the match official 

the assigned match official either CONFIRMs or REJECTs the assignment

:green_circle: Green color represents the CONFIRMED status of of the match official 

 match official is allowed to perform actions in his match

🔴 Red color represents the REJECTED status of  of the match official 

the application leaves the field empty for the selection of another match official and shows the information on rejected assignments when the mouse hovers over the number of rejections

In order to change the status of a person’s assignment in the match:

  • Click on the colored circle

  • Select one of the following statuses (🇽 Rejected or ✔ Confirmed)

    • REJECTED status requires a description,

    • CONFIRMED status can be changed without anything inserted in the description field

  • The “circle” is enabled when the match is in “view” mode (not edited) as this way it allows user assigned to the match to make the status change although the user does not have permission to “Edit” the match because he is not yet CONFIRMED.

(info) (grey lightbulb) The initial status of the assigned match official may be configured on the competition’s main form under the “Registrations” section

If the Allocation initial status is CONFIRMED:

  • The person appointed to the match will be automatically CONFIRMED

  • There will be just an option to REJECT the assignment.

  • The Assigned CONFIRMED person immediately has the permissions to work in the match.

Otherwise (“Allocation initial status” set to PENDING or without chosen option):

  • The appointed person will be in status PENDING

  • The application will require CONFIRMATION or REJECTION of the assignment.

  • A PENDING person may not work in the match until the assignment is CONFIRMED.

Upon scheduling the match (changing the status of the match from ENTERED to SCHEDULED), email notifications are sent to appointed persons with:

  • Links to CONFIRM or REJECT the assignment if the initial status is not CONFIRMED

  • Information on CONFIRMED assignment with a single link to REJECT the assignment if the initial status is CONFIRMED

(info) Clicking the CONFIRM/REJECT link automatically changes the status of the assignment and notifies all interested parties (referee administrators, referee appointers of the competition of the match, and the assigned person who CONFIRMED/REJECTED the assignment).

(info) The person clicking the link will be directed to a web browser and will have the information showed on the web page without needing to insert user credentials (ie. username and password)

(info) The assigned person will have the status information on their My next matches console

Colored Circle is clickable and allows user to make the status change in his console as well

(info) Statuses are also visible in the Search matches console and statuses may be changed in the “view” mode of the console by authorized users by clicking the colored “circle” and selecting one of the following statuses

The system does not allow change of CONFIRMED match official. It only allows change of the PENDING match official.

As said before, for REJECTED match official the field for assignment is empty as if there is none persons assigned for a specific role. In order to replace the CONFIRMED match official in the match, the user needs to change the status of his assignment to REJECTED first and then the field will become empty and the system will allow the assignment of the new match official for the same role. The REJECTED match officials will be kept in the system and we will have a report which will list all match officials’ rejections.

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