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Official Appointment Initial Status

There is a workflow that allows referees to manage their assignments to the competitions.

🚦 Statuses of assignments are represented with colors:

:orange_circle: Orange color represents the PENDING status of competition assignment

:green_circle: Green color represents the CONFIRMED status of the competition assignment

🔴 Red color represents the REJECTED status of competition assignment

Competition manager/administrator creates competition and tells the system whether competition allocation initial status should be pending or confirmed/ confirmed retro

To set Competition Appointment Initial Status:

  • Chose your competition/ Create a New Competition

  • Click on the on the Registration tab

  • Chose allocation initial status from the drop-down list:

    • If the competition allocation initial status is set to :orange_circle: PENDING, all Referees invited for the competition must inform the Competition manager/administrator whether they are available or not for the upcoming competition.

    • If the competition allocation initial status is set to :green_circle: CONFIRMED, only referees who are not available for the competition must change their availability.

    • If you are creating competitions that were played in the past - RETRO COMPETITIONS, this field is prefilled to CONFIRMED RETRO status.

Only referees in :green_circle: CONFIRMED status will be available for the match assignment.

In this section check:

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