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Sanctions Serving Team

Every sanction added to the disciplinary case contains information about the suspension scope and serving scope and, in case of a match suspension sanction, information about the Serving Team can be added. The Sanction Entry has now been upgraded with the Serving Team Field.

This newly developed functionality will solve the scenarios when there are sanctions that are limited to a specific team and are to be served exclusively on the matches of the specific team. This also solves a common issue when a club has more than one team in a competition, Then Serving Team helps indicate where the sanction should be served, when competition catalogues (rosters) are not used. 

💡 Please take into account that the Serving Team field will appear only if the sanction type is set to Match Suspension.

To add a new sanction with the information about Serving Team to the disciplinary case:

  • Chose the Disciplinary case from the Disciplinary menu

  • Click the ➕ Add sanction button under the Sanctions tab of the Disciplinary case form

  • This opens a New Sanction pop-up window with details to fill in:

    • sanction type

    • date from

    • value → depends on sanction type

    • date to

    • competition

    • serving team → the list of the teams from the players club will be displayed

    • suspension scope → chose from a drop-down list of Suspension Scopes

    • serving scope → chose from a drop-down list of Serving Scopes

    • note → enter comments for your reference

  • Once you have entered all the data press 💾 the Save button

✅ The new Sanction is successfully stored in the system and the sanction will be served only when matches of the selected team are set to status PLAYED.

Please take into account that the Serving Team fields/ column will be visible only on the Unservable Sanctions Console and on the Sanction Tab of the respective Disciplinary Case.

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