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Application Surveys

Course Administrators are able to define Application Surveys, i.e. the form/set of questions that need to be submitted by course applicants. The role of the responsible person is to review the application survey and confirm the participant's status on the course.

For example, participants may need to answer particular course-related questions, submit specific documentation, or prove a certain level of education or citizenship. All of these scenarios can be configured by the Course Admin on the Application survey.

If Pay after approval, Just Apply (with Approval), Just Apply (no Approval), or Pay Later is selected as the Application Mode when creating a new course, Application surveys can be added to the course, and the Survey tab will be displayed on the course profile.

ℹ️ The created Application Survey will be displayed to the applicants on the Courses profile when submitting the application for the course.

ℹ️ The survey results are visible to Course administrators on the Participant/ Applicant profile (profiles are reachable from the Participants Tab on the Course profile). From the Survey panel on the Applicant profile, Course Admins are able to review the survey and set the applicant status to APPROVED or RETURNED (used if the survey needs to be adjusted by the applicant)

💡 Please take into account that if the application is "returned" to the applicant, and if there are survey results already entered, the values already entered would be prefilled in the survey form.

Create Application Survey

In order to create an Application Survey, you need to create application questions via the Application Surveys Menu.

Questions can be linked to thematic, logical groups that help you to organize your survey's outlook. Created questions and question groups can be used in Survey Templates; templates are forms of questions and question groups that are stored in the system and reused on different courses.

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