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Domestic Transfer Procedure

At the beginning of the process the player has a confirmed registration, and is eligible to play for the releasing club. The player’s registration for releasing club needs to be terminated and the new registration for engaging club needs to be confirmed. Then the player will be eligible to play for the new club, and the process is completed.

The most common process is as follows:

Step 1 - Transfer Request

The Club Administrator of the Engaging Club enters and submits the new registration of the player for the Engaging Club. It is done by:

Because the player still has a confirmed registration fro the Releasing Club, the Club Administrators of the Releasing Club receive an automated e-mail notification about this new registration, i.e. the Transfer Request.

Step 2 - Release

If the Releasing Club has no objections to player leaving the club, its Club Administrator od the Releasing Club will terminate the player’s registration. This done by:

  • accessing the player’s profile, either by searching or by using the Players tab on Clubs → My Club menu in left nav-bar (Main Menu)

  • terminating the registration for the Releasing Club

In accordance with FIFA RSTP the player can simultaneously play only in one club at a time in the same discipline (sport). Therefore the registration for Engaging Club can only be confirmed after the previous registration has been terminated.

Step 3 - Approval

Now that the registration for the Releasing Club is terminated, the Governing Body may review and approve (or reject) the new registration for the Engaging Club:

  • accessing the player’s profile, either by searching or by using the Confirmation Console.

  • approving or rejecting the registration by changing the status of the registration

Following the confirmation of the new registration, relevant messages are sent to FIFA Connect ID and FIFA Clearing House.

The transfer can also happen in a different/simpler sequence where the Releasing Club first terminates the registration, and then in the second step the Engaging Club enters and submits the registration. But in this case there are no notifications between clubs, as upon termination of registration, the system does not know what the Engaging Club is.

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