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Carrying out Measurements

Administrators and Coaches are able to define Measurement Events i.e. these are predefined forms/sets of questions that are used to track specific performance results.

πŸ’‘ For example, you may need to track specific fitness goals, body measurements, and training details. All of these scenarios can be configured by Administrators and Coaches.

In this article please check the instructions to:

New Measurement

To create a measurement:

  • Select πŸ“Š Measurements under the Performance menu on the left nav-bar

  • This opens the measurement menu which contains the list of units from your workspace. The events menu consists of the following tabs:

    • Upcoming

    • Past

    • All

  • Each list consists of the following details:

    • Name

    • Date

    • Location

    • The search box (use the search box to search the measurement that is entered in the system)

  • Click on the βž• Add button in the top right corner

About Tab

  • This opens a New Measurement page β†’ fill in the details on the About tab:

    • Name

    • Measurement Template

    • Date/ time from and Date/time to

    • All Day Event Switch button

    • Copy members from a certain Group, Event, or members with a certain role β†’ The list of copied members will be displayed on the Members tab

    • Select Members Measurement Event Visibility to:

      • Members cannot see any results

      • Members can see only their own results (recommended)

      • Members can see everybody's results

    • Location β†’ please chose from the list of Locations defined in your workspace

    • Description

    • Use the switch buttons to:

      • Mark the event as an all-day event - in this case Time Form/To fields are disabled

      • Mark the event as a recurring event - take into account that once the event is β€œswitched” as recurring, additional fields are opened β†’ the frequency of the repeat and the timeframe in which the event needs to be repeated

      • Set an event as active - only events that are set as active can be used with participants; inactive events are just displayed on the All tab

      • Set the event as the default value

    • Once you have entered all the data press πŸ’Ύ the Save button

Members Tab

The measurements members tab displays the list of all measurement participants with the indication of their application status. The members can be added automatically by copying the members from a group, event or role or manually from the Members tab

The list consists of the following details:

  • Name

  • Activity status

πŸ’‘ To add new members:

  • Hit the Add the button in the top right corner to add a member

  • Select the member from your workspace

  • Hit the Save button

πŸ’‘Click on the member from the list to open a Participant Profile pop-up window. From this window, you can delete the participant from the list by hitting the bin icon button

Measurement Types Tab

The Measurement Types Tab tab displays the list of all Measurement Types, i.e. the list of measurement types that are going to be tracked within the Measurement event is displayed.

The list consists of the following details:

πŸ’‘ To add new Measurement Types to the measurements:

πŸ’‘ Click on the Measurement Types from the list to open a Measurement Types pop-up window. From this window, you can edit the measurement type or delete it by hitting the bin icon button

πŸ’‘ If you have selected Measurement Template in the About tab, Measurement Types from the selected Measurement Templates will be listed in this tab

Results Tab

On the Results tab, you can record and track the measurement results for the selected members. Predefined Unit Values that are selected for Measurement Types are to be entered in the results table, the results table is a matrix consisting of the participant name and the assessment question.

  • A click on the orientation button switches the values in rows and columns (members/ measurements)

  • Click on the table icon button in the top right corner enables the matrix entry of the question results

  • Click on the βž• icon button opens a pop-up dialog for single results entry with an option to add a date of entry

If you have defined Templates Groups, results are going to be grouped and defined according to the selected groups

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