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User Roles and Permissions

Every application user must have an active user account with a unique username and email address.
Every application user may have one or more user profiles.
Each profile specifies an organization and one or more user roles.

(grey lightbulb) For example, one person can be the SUPERUSER of the association, the person responsible for confirming registrations and contracts of players, as well as the competition administrator.

▶ Every role has a set of permissions that allow specific actions.

▶ Each user profile always belongs to some organization (national federation, regional association, or club).

(grey lightbulb) For example, if the user from the Regional Association of Bogota has the role of “Players Administrator”, they will be able to enter, edit, and confirm players’ registrations & contracts only for clubs that are members of his regional association, but not registrations of players from other regions.

▶ If the user has no authority to execute an action because of their role, the system will generate the following message: "You are not allowed to execute this action! "

▶ Please consult the list of roles to check the permissions and specific actions that belong to the specific user role.

The SUPERUSER of the association is in charge of the administration of users and roles.

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